Party Proof Your Home for The Super Bowl

So you’ve got the carpets, upholstery or rugs (or all 3) cleaned and ready for the party. But, once the party gets going, how will you keep your precious items around your house safe?

Instead of tossing the Wine and serving only vegetables with no dip, try using these tips as your go-to guide for party-proofing your home from top to bottom.

  1. Hide Tide To Go sticks or Shout Wipes in a basket in the living room so you can sneakily swipe any spills before they become stains. (this may sound weird but if you get away with it without getting caught your a genius!)
  2. Instead of candles (which can start a fire) set up flameless candles around your home. They add beautiful ambience and many even come scented, too.
  3. Utilize Furniture Covers to eliminate risk of spills getting on those stain prone upholstered furniture/items.
  4. Store valuables and fragile items in a locked cabinet that’s not accessible to guests, especially if kids are in attendance.
  5. Set out plenty of coasters, especially on unfinished wood tables and tile tables where rings can easily become apparent.
  6. Place welcome mats outside—and inside—the front door to catch dirt before it makes its way onto those newly cleaned carpets.
  7. Protect your furniture from food and wine spills by using a table runner or tablecloth. If you can, keep those stain prone drinks (red wine, dark beer) on a countertop where it’s easier to wipe up any spills.
  8. To keep your floors squeaky clean, have a basket and bench at the front door so guests can remove their shoes before coming in.
  9. Make sure you’ve got plenty of napkins & paper towels on hand and that they’re visible to guests to grab if needed.

Utilize these step before your guests arrive and you’ll surely score a touchdown for the home team! Let the game begin!

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