The Thanksgiving Cleaning Countdown Checklist

Thanksgiving has to be one of the greatest holidays. All of the delicious food, getting the family together and “did I mention all of the awesome food?”. However, getting ready for the big day can be quite a hefty task. It not only requires hours of cooking, but you have to clean the house for guests too! Most people will be far too busy to clean every nook and cranny but with this countdown to Thanksgiving cleaning checklist we’ll help you clean wear it counts and give the illusion that your house clean top to bottom!

Two Weeks to Go: Tackle any organizational tasks or things that will stay clean for 2 weeks

  • Clean out the coat closet so you’re guest’s can hang their outdoor gear (coats, hats, scarves etc.) there
  • Do any outdoor chores: raking leaves, mowing the lawn, changing light bulbs so granny can see at night etc.
  • Clean the refrigerator to make room for Thanksgiving food.  Be ruthless!  You’ll need the space.
  • Wash any serving dishes or utensils that haven’t don’t get used regularly (gravy pot, slow cooker, wine glasses etc.)
  • Organize and clean guest rooms so people don’t feel like their sleeping in a “storage closet”.
  • Schedule an appointment with the professionals at Allaire Chem-Dry (732) 751-8520 to deep clean Carpets, Furniture & Rugs if they are starting to look stained and dirty.

One-Week Ahead: This is the time to do a deep cleaning of the home so all you will need is to do a quick walk through clean the day before Turkey Day

  • Thoroughly dust, paying extra attention to window sills and other places guests might lean and talk. Don’t use a duster it only spreads the dust instead of removing it.
  • Vacuum, and sweep hardwood and tile floors: Swifter Duster can do magic here.
  • Clean windows in dinning room, kitchen, living room and any glass in highly populated areas.
  • Wash and iron any tablecloths and napkins that have been stored for a while
  • Deep clean bathrooms guests will be using- sink, toilet, shower, tub, mirrors, and floors.  Don’t forget to dust!
  • Thoroughly clean the oven and stovetop and exhaust fan- you’ll want to have a clean range for all the cooking you’ll be doing
  • Last but certainly not least, deep clean your Carpets, Furniture, and Rugs if there are looking stained, dirty or if its been longer than 6 months to prevent any indoor allergens (see our healthy home page for detailed description). Here is where we can help, schedule an appointment with us ASAP! Also, Don’t forget to check out our seasonal cleaning specials on our coupons page to save you some dinero!

1 Day Before Turkey Day: Quick Walk Through Clean

  • Touch up the bathrooms- wipe mirrors, the top of the toilet, an the faucet
  • Touch up dusting, vacuuming and sweeping
  • Run and empty the dishwasher
  • Set the table and add those thanksgiving decorations to give that homey feel.
  • Don’t eat too much so you’ll have plenty of room for that turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie! Ok, so this isn’t a cleaning tip but it is an important part of getting ready for thanksgiving. Take it from someone with experience (Ha Ha).

Thanksgiving Day:

  • Put out fresh towels in bathrooms
  • Take out the trash
  • Wipe down the stove
  • Last minute organization of high populated areas in the home

It may seem like a lot of work but having a clean and organized home for Thanksgiving can give you a very rewarding feeling and makes your guests feel comfortable and at home, which is something everyone wants to feel on such an intimate day. Taking the time to clean ahead of time will help you enjoy the cooking and socializing without being stressed or embarrassed about your housekeeping. 

Everyone here at Allaire Chem-Dry hopes you have a delightful Thanksgiving filled with love, laughter and a stomach full of food!

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